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Be wary of people telling you which of the Radar Detectors is "best", isome companies will just tell you which of the radar detectors is best for their profit margin!, let us help you find out what suits your needs.

  • Model Comparison charts compare like with like radar detectors so you can tell which best suits you once you've narrowed it down.
  • The Technology explains how GPS, radar and laser work, and how the different types of device can help you.
  • The Law confirms how radar detectors were made legal in January 1998, and gives advice on use in other countries.

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Then give us a call on 01483 522 225 or email us. We give the best advice and service, and if we are not giving the best price then give us a call. If you're looking for a model we do not sell, its probably because we have tested it and do not rate it as one of the better radar detectors.

Radar Detectors After Sales Service
We are committed to providing excellent after sales support and customer service. We are able to offer a full range of accessories and spares for a wide range of radar detectors should you need them as part of our continued customer care. When you're spending a lot of money on complicated electronics we can provide you with the assurance that we are here to help in the unlikely event of any issues.

Radar Detectors and Heated Windscreens / Solar Glass
Radar Detectors that are installed in cars with heated front screens may be less effective, and will not usually work in cars with a solar reflective coating over the glass designed to keep UV rays out. Likewise with GPS detectors you may need to move your unit around to find the best GPS signal reception and an external antenna will be required for solar windscreens. If you are unsure about your windscreen please call for advice or check with your local dealer.


  • 80%+ of all speeding prosecutions are from fixed installation cameras
  • Over 2 million speeding tickets were issued last year
  • Basic fixed speeding fine is £60 and 3 points
  • Penalty points increase your car insurance costs
  • The government wishes to make speeding as anti-social as drink driving
  • Speed camera numbers are rising sharply
  • Points on your licence can affect your career and ability to carry out your job
  • Radar Detector users have fewer accidents (MORI survey)
  • Radar Detectors and GPS based speedtrap detectors are legal in the UK.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not condone speeding and will not be held responsible for anybody prosecuted for breaking the law. We support the use of radar detectors and similar devices for two reasons. Firstly, anyone who does a lot of driving is bound to unintentionally break the speed limit at some point for various reasons, one example being not noticing their speed creep up as they follow the car in front. We feel you should be warned about your speed before you are prosecuted for a crime you did not intend to commit. Advanced warnings from radar detectors allow drivers to make an early decision to manage their speed of approach safely and smoothly.

Secondly, cameras should be placed on dangerous roads and in accident blackspots to slow traffic down and catch the most reckless of drivers who do not have the skill to sensibly judge a dangerous stretch of road or are unfamiliar with the road ahead. If this is the case then these radar detectors will give you advanced warning of possible danger ahead, slowing you down in a safer manner. Unfortunately, cameras and police speed traps are often placed on straight flat clear sections of road with no immediate danger or where the speed limit has recently been reduced with the sole intention of catching speeding motorists and generating fines. However, for those placed correctly in accident blackspots, radar detectors can give you advanced warning of danger on the road ahead.

We are stockists and official main dealers for all of our radar detectors. We can offer discounts on volume purchases for motoring clubs, fleet purchases etc.

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