Man jailed after giving speed cameras the finger
24/04/2018 - 1 Comments
Posted by Radar Detectors
Man jailed after giving speed cameras the finger

North Yorkshire Police have today been promoting their recent conviction of Timothy Hill with a laser jammer to all the major news outlets. Reading between the lines we wonder if he was prosecuted for hiding his Range Rover and denying he was the driver as much as he was for having the jammer. The news story confirms the jammer ‘did its job’ and they could not get a speed reading on which to prosecute. It would also seem from this news story that the jammer unit was in some sort of continuous jamming mode.

However this guy was clearly an idiot for attracting attention to himself and having no regard to law or the police and we do not condone his actions. Jammers should be used to alert you to speed traps and give you a chance to check and adjust your speed if necessary, not to carry on driving with impunity with no regard to the laws of the road.

You can read the North Yorkshire Police statement here.


Giving Speed camseas the finger

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tokkos 05/06/2018
What happens when i come to the speedtrap is something happening to the speedcop radar will he pick me up or does this mine just give me a call or whats happen when i pick up the roadtraffic speedtgrap