This Dorking road has a very bizarre speed limit
05/04/2017 - 0 Comments
Posted by Zoe Hudson
This Dorking road has a very bizarre speed limit
A lane in Surrey has been challenging drivers to keep to a speed limit which seems to defy logic.

On Wotton Drive, in Dorking , people are tasked with driving at eight and three-quarter miles per hour as they approach the entrance to De Vere Wotton House.  The unique speed limit is one of many quirks at at the luxury hotel.
8 3/4
Some believe this quirk is a reference to the world-famous series by JK Rowling, in which young wizards and witches begin their journey to Hogwarts by running through a brick wall between platforms nine and ten - platform 9 3/4.

The management of De Vere Wotton House said the reasons behind the limit was to add a touch of "magic" to guests' visit.

"There is no real logical reason - it's to add a bit of magic, and make visiting the hotel a more interesting experience," said Tracy Montgomerie.

"It's pretty quirky, and there are other surprises around the hotel and grounds for visitors. We had a six million pound refurbishment and wanted to do something different.

“The eight and three-quarters limit is one of those details. The maximum limit on the road with bumps is ten miles an hour, but we didn't want to be too straight-laced.

"It is funny, I don't think anyone can actually do eight and three-quarter miles per hour."
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