Duck snapped twice for speeding in 30km zone
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Duck snapped twice for speeding in 30km zone
A speed camera has caught a duck (or a pair of ducks) twice in a period of 3 days, flying at more than 20 kilometers per hour over the limit. The

feathered felons are still at large Swiss police said on Friday.
no speeding ducks

The camera in Köniz, a municipality southwest of the city of Bern, picked up the first offense as a duck shot through the air 22 kilometers per hour (13.5 miles per hour) over the speed limit for vehicles.

"The duck was traveling in a low-altitude flight at 52 kilometers per hour in a 30-kilometer zone," local police said in a statement accompanying a picture of the airborne speed fiend.

Three days later, the same camera snapped a duck flying at a similar speed. The police could not determine whether it was a repeat offender or whether they were dealing with a flock of felons.

The duck or ducks were lucky to escape a hefty bill. Exceeding the speed limit by 22 kilometers per hour in a built-up area in Switzerland can result in an official police complaint, a fine and a minimum one-month driving ban.

Switzerland calculates fines based on the offender's wealth. In 2010, it billed a Swiss driver some $290,000 for clocking 137 kilometers per hour in an 80-kilometer zone.

Duck Breaking the Law lol

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