Police want dashcam footage of dangerous drivers
19/10/2016 - 2 Comments
Posted by Zoe Hudson
Police want dashcam footage of dangerous drivers
Police in North Wales are asking road users to submit any dashcam footage they have of people driving recklessly in a bid to cut down the number of near-misses in the area. This is part of Operation Snap (or #OpSnap), Any road user can submit footage including car drivers, motorcyclists, horse riders and cyclists – to submit evidence if they feel it could be used as evidence of an offence. #opsnap

“North Wales Police recognises that the vast majority of the public want to use the road network to get from A to B safely,” said Chief Inspector Darren Wareing, “and that they don’t wish to tolerate unnecessary risks that some are exposed to by the actions of others.

“Over recent months we have received footage capturing motoring offences including careless and dangerous driving, people on mobile telephones and people being distracted while using their smart devices behind the wheel.”

The force has made it easier for officers to deal with alleged offences caught on dashcams. Witnesses will be sent an email featuring instructions on how to upload footage along with a statement form. Officers will then review the evidence and decide what action is appropriate.

“We recognise that vulnerable road users – including cyclists, motorcyclists and horse riders are now using cameras,” added Wareing.

“We are seeing some awful very close passes and people pulling in and out of junctions putting cyclists in danger. We know that cyclists and horse riders come off worse when they are in collision with a car. Often the car driver has taken an unnecessary risk – or didn’t even see them.

“We will not tolerate this and wish to support all road users, including those who are most vulnerable, to have a safe journey.”

The force says it has already seen people prosecuted using dashcam footage as evidence, and it hopes that Operation Snap will discourage drivers from taking risks.

Last year, a driver in Shropshire was jailed for eight months after footage of him overtaking on a bend and narrowly avoiding a crash was uploaded to Youtube.

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Jenny Martin 17/02/2018
We are just about to fit a dashcam because we have experienced dangerous driving on the roads. How does one submit video footage? There doesn't appear to be an obvious way although I have looked at quite a few websites. A few simple instructions would be helpful. Jenny
Radar Detectors 04/07/2018
Hi Jenny Depending on which UK police authority you fall under, the process for submitting dash cam footage can vary greatly. Below are some key points as a guide: Do NOT post the footage on social media. If you do this it may affect a court s ability to make a successful prosecution. Road incidents should be reported via 101 (999 should only be used in an emergency). Don t take footage directly to the police station as the officers on duty are unlikely to be the right department or have access to tech to watch your footage. Provide the police with whole, unedited, footage of your journey, not just the short time in which the incident occurred. Edited footage will most likely not be admissible. You will be required to make a statement. Where the footage was recorded, information about the Dash Cam etc. In some more serious cases (involving injury), you may be required to attend court and present evidence.