TSS has been supplying traffic law enforcement & video surveillance technology to customers worldwide for 30 years.


How do they work?
This system is quite discreet compared to the traditional roadside camera poles. Cameras plug in to a roadside sensor on a random basis to allow offenders to be recorded.

It operates by measuring speed by time and distance travelled. There are pressure sensors on or under the road surface, carefully spaced apart. Two separate readings of the vehicle's speed are taken, to ensure accuracy.

Like VASCAR video, the offending vehicles are recorded. In automatic systems this evidence can be processed later, in manned operations the user radios ahead to colleagues who can pull the driver over.

British built, Home Office Type Approved, ISO9000 accreditation, CE marking, manufactured to high tolerances.

How do they help road safety?
By acting as a deterrent to motorists, with the help of speed camera warning signs near sites.

They (TSS) Say:
“Using road sensors rather than radar or laser make the system completely undetectable and therefore a more powerful deterrent. Sensor technology also means immunity to radio interference and other external influences which limit other devices … The system is quickly set up and taken down and highly portable so it may be deployed at several sites per day ... Extremely durable sub-surface fixed sensors are completely protected against road damage and vandalism .”

We Say:
Although these systems cannot be ‘detected' (they do not give off any signal when in use) it is possible to get warnings of them from GPS devices with these sites on their databases, as they are at fixed sites even though they are only used part-time.


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