DriveSmart Alpha - Radar, Laser & GPS Speed Camera Detector
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Includes over 20,000 EU Camera Locations.

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The DriveSmart Alpha GPS Speed Camera Detector
has been developed by experts in the speed camera detection business having brought out their first detector over 10 years ago when they were the first pioneers to offer free database updates.

Following on from the success of the DriveSmart Pro, the Alpha has now added physical radar and laser detection with NO FALSE RADAR ALERTS. The radar detector can be set to only become active within range of a speed camera location. If this is a radar based speed camera it will then confirm if the camera is active. This is an industry first and removes the false alerts experienced by so many competitors from automatic door sensors and pedestrian crossing etc.

Added to this arguably the best mobile camera database in the business
, combines to give you the best UK database of Mobile Laser / Safety Camera Van locations UK wide as well as all Fixed speed camera's including Gatso / Truvelo / HADECS / Monitron / SPECS average speed cameras and Red Light traffic camera locations.

UK Legal the DriveSmart Alpha works straight out of the box and there are no on-going subscriptions for database updates which are provided FREE OF CHARGE.

Features Include:

  • GPS / RADAR / LASER gives total protection of all speed camera's + live Radar camera alerts
  • UK first system for 100% no false K band radar alerts. A first in the UK market.
  • No more annoying shop doors / pedestrain crossings and other false Radar alerts that all the other systems suffer from (Switchable if you want to get all Radar alerts)
  • Laser Elite laser detection system for live laser detection alerts (ON/OFF selectable) detects all the latest UK laser guns including LTI-Trucam/Tru speed Euro/Unipar SL700
  • Alerts to all fixed speed cameras both radar and digital including Gatso / Truvelo / HADECS / Monitron / SPECS average speed cameras and also Red Light traffic camera locations (optional).
  • Alerts to mobile laser and safety camera van high risk locations. The Alpha also has laser detection for a physical backup.
  • Voice and visual warnings of speed camera locations including voice alert of the speed limit. Also optional overspeed alerts. Adjustable warning distance to camera locations, adjustable volume and brightness settings.
  • Anti glare casing to minimise reflections in the windscreen and improve display visibility in bright sunlight

There are no ongoing costs of ownership once you purchase the DriveSmart Alpha.
You only need 3 points on your driving licence to push your premium up by £100s! There is also now a minimum fine of £100 for speeding https://www.gov.uk/speeding-penalties

If you detect and slow down just once with the DriveSmart Alpha unit will have paid for its-self. This system will transform your driving habits and make you a safer driver as well as informing you of all known threats on the road.

Alerts For:
  • All Fixed Speed Cameras Whether Radar or Digital
  • SPECS Average Speed Cameras
  • Mobile Laser High Risk Zones
  • Mobile Laser Detection
  • Red Light Cameras
  • Pre Defined Overspeed Alert

Other Features Include:
  • LED Screen Brightness Adjustment
  • Volume Adjustment
  • GPS Speed Adjustment
  • GPS Clock Adjustment
  • Alert Range Adjustment

What's In The Box:
  • DriveSmart Alpha
  • Windscreen Mount
  • Dash Mount
  • In Car Power Lead
  • USB Update Cable
  • Printed Manual

Latest update brings you 20,000 EU data locations at no extra charge:
  • Menu allows you to switch between MPH and KPH
  • Please note speed camera alerts in France and some other EU countries are illegal and use is at your own risk

Comes complete with adhesive Dash mount, windscreen mount, 12-24V cigarette lighter power cable, printed manual and USB cable for updates (PC, not Mac Compatible).

Optional factory DriveSmart hardwire kit available.

Unboxing Video

Speed Camera Database Update Video

Drivesmart Alpha in Action

Rotating Drivesmart

Rotating Drivesmart Alpha
Includes Free 48 Hour Delivery

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Truly excellent product
Having kept a clean licence for 5 years, that was spoilt by 3 recent points by overhead variable limits on the M42. The cameras used to be big and bulky on the gantries over each lane, and easy to see and slow down if you had too. They've been replaced by tiny yellow boxes on the left of the gantry and you don't know they're there. Oh well, 3 points. My last experience with radar was driving down from New York to Miami when i was 21 in 1991, and the damn thing went off everywhere and was a danger to other road users as you were slamming on the brakes unnecessarily. I was torn between this Alpha model, a snooper and an Aguri. Im really pleased I went for the Alpha as I've just come back from Cornwall and I know it saved me twice with live camera's-well hidden away and unless you're a local you wouldn't know they were there. As it also tells me if the camera's not live, then I can make my own mind up and react differently if need be. I haven't had a laser pointed at me so can't tell you if that works, but the gps certainly works and tells you of the roads where speed traps are located anyway. 100% recommend this fabulous bit of kit
Don't buy if you have a Mac
Great product, works exactly as it should. Very easy to configure to suit everybody, or it just works straight out of the box. But one serious flaw. It can only be updated and the GPS database updated if you have a standard Microsoft PC. For the growing masses of people with just iPad's, Mac's, or any other standard means of connecting to the web, the updates won't work. Will they eventually product software to work with Mac's or an OS or Android app, who knows.
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